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A day in the life of a Moroccan Woman

This  exclusive program is our way to show you the authentic Moroccan traditions , some of them remain part of the daily life style of most Moroccan women.
The day starts around 9:00 am with a tour in the Souks to buy the needed groceries for your lunch, you learn the techniques of selecting the freshest items and  bargain to get the best prices!
Head to a traditional private home or Riad in the Medina , then start a cooking class with a Dada ( traditional female cook) you will be taught the secrets of the oldest Moroccan recipes.
After class it’s time to taste the final results!! You will enjoy the meal you have prepared in the “Salon” the house's main living room. In the afternoon, discover  the techniques for a full traditional Moroccan Hammam. Several work practices to learn the lathering with eucalyptus soap, the body scrub  gesture by gesture and body wrap with Ghassoul (Mineral-rich clay extracted from the edge of the Middle Atlas)
Return to the house for a Special treat ! it is quite common to see henna on women's hands and feet for weddings or special occasions. In our Henna ceremony you will be shown different designs of tattoos to choose from and enjoy a pleasant experience. Other women will be invited to join for a chat about their lives and share cup of mint tea. Later on, a wonderful way to end this pure Moroccan experience, a fashion show of the beautiful traditional Moroccan dress “the Kaftan” will be held for you inside the house!
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